Just when you thought you had all of the Eddie "Crazyeyes" Vedder you needed with the full album release of Ten, Harmonix slips in three nearly-new tracks into the game this week.

Now I am not saying the man can't sing. I am only saying that he can't sing without his eyes rolling up into his head, which makes him look like he wants to eat babies. In fact, you can mumble "I want to eat babies" in several spots throughout "Brother" as well as live recordings of "Alive" and "State of Love and Trust" from Live: Drop in the Park, and I am certain that Rock Band will not penalize you in the least. In fact, it might just give you extra praise.

All three songs in the "Ten Bonus Pack" will be available tomorrow on the Xbox 360, and two days later on the PlayStation 3, as Harmonix technicians perform the complicated calculations needed to convert 440 Microsoft points into $5.49.