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We know you're impatient for the twenty gratis songs that Harmonix is giving away to Rock Band 2 owners, as evidenced by the ton of foot-stomping e-mails you've sent. They're coming, as you probably know. They may just be coming a little later than expected, as the release of the songs from up and coming artists have hit an "unexpected delay." Harmonix community honcho Sean Baptiste updates us on the status of the Rock Band freebies, writing on the game's official forums "We have hit an unexpected delay with getting the content online with Microsoft and are working diligently with them to get that resolved." "We have suspended sending out the token codes until the content becomes available," Baptiste continues, explaining that the Harmonixers are "working our butts off" to get them online. Expect more info over the next day for Xbox 360 types, with news on the PlayStation 3 versions to come later.

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