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In the new console generation, the PlayStation 4 appears to be the second best choice—for robbers in Indianapolis that is.

Tuesday evening, two suspsects stormed a GameStop on the south side of the city and demanded—by name—all of the Xbox Ones in stock.


The GameStop employees replied, more or less, "Uh, we don't got any."

So the assailants forced the GameStop workers into a back room, forcing them to lay down on the floor. The robbers made away with nine PS4s at a combined value of $3,600 which, unlike most other reports of video game crime, actually corresponds to the stolen goods' suggested retail price.

"24-Hour News 8 is looking into this investigation as police try to locate the robbers," reports WISH-TV, which is not, as far as we know, a public safety agency.

Robbers take PS4s when XBOX unavailable [WISH-TV]

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