Rival Universities Stage 24-Hour LAN Party

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This weekend, #21 Oregon State and #24 Oregon (I cite the land-grant school first, since I went to one) meet up in their "Civil War" football rivalry, with a Rose Bowl bid on the line for OSU. Preceding that, both schools are staging a LAN party at two sites 50 miles apart, bringing together some 400 gamers. It started at noon pacific yesterday and will end at noon today. The two got sponsorships from nVidia, XFX, and others, and of course the backing of both universities, so this is a pretty big deal. Oregon State's gamers got into Reser Stadium's club level for their party. (Saturday's game will be played there). Oregon's in the Erb Memorial Union. They're playing tournaments on seven games, including CounterStrike, TF2, Unreal Tournament, Warcraft 3 and others. In all, it sounds really cool, and hats off to OSU Gaming and the UO Cultural Forum for getting this together. I'm gonna be in Eugene for Thanksgiving; kinda wish I was there already. Civil War LAN [camera] Civil War LAN [site]

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Man, i would like to be with em!!!!