RISK Coming to Xbox Live Arcade Early this Year

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Electronic Arts today announced RISK: Factions, an Xbox Live Arcade version of the 53-year-old tactical board game. The game's release will be in "early 2010," according to an EA statement.


EA's announcement said RISK: Factions will feature "outlandish factions, a unique art style, new gameplay twists and off-beat humor." Players will choose from five factions, each with a different strength, and play on new maps featuring dynamic terrain, with the goal of taking over strategically placed missile silos.

"Additionally, as rivals go head-to-head during unique, animated combat missions, enemies will be able to trigger "Overkill" moments, based on the roll of the dice, and unlock avatar awards while attempting global supremacy," says the statement.

Chip Lange, the chief for EA's Hasbro Division, said RISK: Factions will feature online multiplayer. The developer is Stainless Games, which was behind Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers.


I'd eally prefer Axis and Allies with the modern rule set and a graphics overhaul, so many memories on that game, though thanfully there's always Hearts OF Iron taking the giant leap.

The variants in this sound like fun though, I'll buy :)