Rise Against Debuts New Tune In World Tour

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Punk band Rise Against is the latest group to debut music in Guitar Hero World Tour, with the previously unreleased song "Death Blossoms" available next week as part of the Rise Against Track Pack.


Chicago punk band Rise Against is no stranger to Guitar Hero, with "Prayer of the Refuge" and "Re-Education (Through Labor)" appearing in previous versions of the game. Now they're back with a whole new track, "Death Blossoms", joining "Audience of One" from their latest album and "Ready to Fall: from The Sufferer & The Witness in the Rise Against Track Pack. The pack will be available on March 12th for 440 Microsoft points ($5.49), with the individual tunes going for 160 points ($1.99).

To celebrate the release, lead vocalist Tim McIlrath will be on Xbox Live from 7 to 9pm GMT to play the band's tunes with fans. Add GHRiseAgainst1 to your Xbox 360 friends list if that's the sort of thing you see yourself doing.

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Fonster Mox

Ohh, i thought you meant in their actual world tour, which is currently underway. since I saw them last weekend, you made me think I'd missed something.