Riot Casually Announces League Of Legends MMO

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League of Legends fans who would like to enjoy the universe but not keep playing the same game over and over until you die, you’re in luck. Riot just announced a new MMO set in the game’s universe in the most casual way imaginable.


In this tweet exchange, Riot VP Greg Street starts off by talking about how he’s recently been helping to “develop the League universe”, and how his “new job is to kick off a big (some might say massive) game that many of you, and many Rioters, have been asking us to create.”

That pretty much says it already, but Street then clarifies, just to be sure.

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Screenshot: Twitter

No teaser trailer, no expensive cinematic video, no concept art, no press release, just a tweet with the barest details imaginable.

That’s a wild way to announce a game that could be huge, given the popularity of the League universe. But then it’s also very Riot, whose last round of game announcements were basically a bunch of shrugs and an admittance that, yeah, they were working on some stuff.

This is normally the part where I tell you some of the finer details contained in a game release, but since we don’t have that here, I can just leave you to imagine the League universe, only like WoW, and take it from there.

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I’m surprised by this. Why would any company try to go for an old-fashioned MMO setup in this day and age?

Back in the 90's and early 2000's, RTS was one of the biggest genres, but then other games offered a small subset of what is possible within the RTS sandbox, and these new emerging genres have made RTS games almost extinct (tower defense, survival-focused games like They Are Billions, MOBAs, hide and seek games like Among Us etc.).

The same can be said of MMOs and their sandbox experience. As technology has advanced, other games have offered something that used to be only present in them, but now offer it without a subscription.
Minecraft offers outdoor survival (and creative mode to boot) and is kind-of an MMO with the servers, just on a smaller scale. Open-world games like Breath of the Wild offer a great world to explore without the need of a constant internet connection. Monster Hunter: World offers tough boss fights for smaller groups of people, so no need to have more than 5 people online at once for a raid. Ark: Survival Evolved, Fallout 76 and the like offer a middle-sized MMO experience etc.

The few MMO games that are currently available successfully fill their niches just fine, so why would Riot Games create something of an MMO scale? Unless they use the term MMO liberally and mean something smaller in scope.