She's Published - My wife's book is in print. She got her first copy this week. Pretty damn cool to hold something in your hands someone you know, respect and love worked on for so long. Have a great weekend everyone. (Photo by Brian Crecente)

The Many, Many Games of Germany's Raucous, Raging Game Party

My very favorite video game show of the year, Germany's wonderful Gamescom, kicks off in less than two weeks. Don't forget, this is the show that not only is open to everyone who pays to get in, it also features beer and takes place in a very pretty city.
Here's a quick run-down of the games we've... More »


Why Japan is The Only Country That Adores Monster Hunter

Q Entertainment makes very pretty games like Lumines and Child of Eden. Games that are nothing at all like Monster Hunter. At the very least, he does walk the walk. More »


If You Could Eat Any Video Game Animal...

Yes, commenter GeshGav returns to Speak Up on Kotaku for the second day in a row, this time asking one of the most important questions you can ask about a video game character — More »


Bethesda Sics Lawyers on Minecraft Makers Over Scrolls Name, Skyrim Confusion

One game is called Scrolls. One game is called Skyrim, though, more formally, you'd call it The Elder Scrolls V. Confusing?
Those names are too close, according to lawyers from Bethesda Softworks, the company behind Skyrim and authors of 15-page letter to Minecraft maker Markus "Notch" Persson and... More »


Live from QuakeCon, a Rage Playthrough Liveblog

Hello, eerbody! I'm in Dallas, Texas, at QuakeCon, about to have my first play time with id Software's new marquee title, Rage. I hope to write up impressions later, but I thought you might enjoy seeing my notes live as I play.
I'll be updating every five minutes or so.

12:33 The music in the... More »


From Flick Rocket to Roboto, The Best Gaming Apps We've Played This Week

It was inadvertently games that bring to mind other games week here at Kotaku, featuring four mobile games reminiscent of past and present hits and one game about nuts. More »

The Lavish Skyrim Collector's Edition Costs Much More Than $29

Soaring high above the $29 price point suggested by Bethesda's Todd Howard on the wings of a 12 inch PVC statue of Alduin, the World Eater, The Elder Scrolls V: More »



Aside from the Anti-Tank Dogs, the Xbox 360 Version of Wikipedia Sucks

What if Wikipedia cost $3 to read, wasn't updated, wasn't complete and was rated 3/3 on some scale that registers sexual content? Sold? What if it was on the Xbox 360?
Perhaps you should watch my video impressions of such a beast, called Wiki Read, before you answer these questions. More »

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