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Return Of The Video Game Burlesque Girls

Last month, burlesque troupe Devil's Playground performed a video game-related show in LA, with the promise of a return show during E3. Somehow, we missed it. SORRY. Thankfully, reader Jonathan did not.

He was there, camera in-hand, to document the evening's festivities. And while these clips aren't as...long as we'd have liked, they still give you an idea of the flavour of the night. By showing Princess Peach. Baking cupcakes. And shaking her ass.

You can also check out Jonathan's blog below, which has some naughtier pics of the evening that are, we must warn you, not safe for work. Unless you work somewhere that's totally cool with you looking at pictures of Chun Li's tits. And if you do...well, you have a great job.


Video Game Girls and a whole lot of other stuff [Things to do in LA]

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The Artgineer

The second clip would make one nice scene in a Tarantino directed Mario Bros movie!