Return of the Game Club

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It's been more than a year since I first floated the idea for an Oprah-esque Game Club to quite a lot of support. Heck, I've even had people email me about forming local Game Club chapters for physical meet-ups, including one developer. Since that time we had a beta of sorts and played Mr. Robot together. And then things got quiet... too quiet.


Have no fear though, I didn't forget you Game Clubbers, in fact I was working behind the scenes to line up some changes to the club to make it a bit easier for more people to participate and to bring in someone who can help kick off what I hope will become each month's new game. (More to come on that soon, I hope)

Today I can announce that we will be bringing Game Club back starting July 1. Our first title? To kick things off on the right foot we're going with Kotaku pick Beyond Good & Evil.

Now don't jump the gun and start playing it now, if you haven't already. The whole idea of Game Club is for it to be a shared experience. Expect more details coming out over the next couple of weeks as I finalize everything, but until then here are the Game Club's rules.


Finally! I've only sent like 3 e-mails asking when this would start back up!

Thank God it's Beyond Good & Evil too, considering I bought it about a month back but haven't gotten around to starting it due to a blue screen error (which I know how to fix, but is only temporary *glares at audio card*), Mass Effect's PC release, and a resurgence of wanting to play Oblivion. Can't wait to start playing with the Game Club!