Retro/Grade: A Shooter In Reverse

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Rick Rocket just saved the universe, and now he has to do it all over reverse. This is Retro/Grade, coming to the PlayStation Network from developer 24 Caret Games.


Retro/Grade takes conventional shooter mechanics and reverses them. You pilot your ship around the screen, avoiding enemy fire while making sure your ship is in the right place to catch the lasers you shot out in the first place. It's a brilliant mechanic that essentially transforms a side-scrolling shooter into a rhythm game. If that weren't confusing enough, the game also features power-ups that re-reverse the flow of time, which makes this writer extremely dizzy just thinking about it.

As you can see in the video below, the whole thing clips along at a nice pace, with music by acclaimed electronica artist Nautilis. As an added bonus, you can even play with a guitar controller if you're ready to rock out with your rocket out.

It's an amazing concept. Looking forward or possibly backwards to seeing how it does on the PlayStation Network.

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PSN really likes its arty, high-concept downloadable games, doesn't it?

I'm interested, though I'm not entirely sure if I'd want to play this with a guitar controller. My Guitar Hero controller is for the 360 though, so I guess I'll have to use a Dual Shock.