Retro Games vs Modern Games, To The Death!

This is 8BITS. It's a stunning piece of animation - and I'm not making this up - manifesting the struggle between the games of yesterday and the game's of today.

It's tradition versus industry. Persistence versus greed. And since this is a story, and not a documentary, you already know who comes out on top.


It runs just shy of seven minutes, but please. Watch the whole thing. It's worth every second.

[8BITS, via 4CR]

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Um, the only 8bit that's in the video's music - it even credited in the credit on vimeo/youtube with this video. The 2D levels are at least 16bit (NeoGeo's MetalSlug) and probably 32 bit which reminds me of PS1's Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, while the CG cutscenes are, well, CG cutscenes and definitely not 8 bit. Any way it's not that important anymore, since this video is a sure WIN!

By the way, the youtube version has subtitles you can now understand if you can not distiguish what the characters said (Although they do speak English). Also you can watch the video in 1080p full HD which make this video even better than it's already is.

By the way, I kind of can hear several music from other games or are they inspired by other game music? And there's a nice duke nukem reference!