The Bearded Man From City 17 | Valve's Gabe Newell now looks a good deal more like Half-Life hero Gordon Freeman. Love the knife. (Illustration by G-e-e-r-s/Deviant Art.)

Alan Wake's American Nightmare: The Kotaku Review

Going into Alan Wake's American Nightmare, I'd worried that I hadn't played the DLC that followed the 2010 game that introduced Remedy's literary action hero. More »


Lumines Electronic Symphony: The Kotaku Review

Every time I fire up a Lumines game and am not instantly greeted by the mellow beats of Mondo Grosso's "Shinin" from the franchise's 2004 PSP debut, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. More »


Why I'm Not Okay With Sony Ditching PSP Discs

Last summer, I bought a copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable for the PSP. I'd heard nothing but fantastic things about Atlus's role-playing game slash high school simulator, and I figured it'd be a good opportunity to bolster my RPG street cred. More »


How They Came Up With Skyrim's 'Arrow In The Knee' Line

The big video game joke of 2011-and certainly the most repeated line-came from Skyrim, a game populated by guards who used to be adventurers, just like you, before they "took an arrow in the knee."
Sorry if you thought you were done with that line. More »


BioWare Writer Describes Her Gaming Tastes; Angry Gamers Call Her a "Cancer"

BioWare writer Jennifer Hepler is trying to delete her Twitter account as of yesterday after feeling the hate of gamers who are angry about what she apparently said in a 2006 interview. More »


Ten Things I Learned From the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

Of the more than a dozen hours I spent playing in the Guild Wars 2 press beta event this past weekend, seven involved actively battling enemies, three and a half were spent exploring, and a half hour was dedicated to creating my four different characters. More »


The Guild Wars 2 Charr Character Intro, Unintentional Commentary Edition

Once I finished recording the voice over character creation video for my Guild Wars 2 beta article that ran this morning, I turned off my microphone to capture the story the game generated based on the decisions I made while building my Charr thief. More »


I've got a Ticket to Ride, and I Care, Very Much

If you've never played the board game Ticket to Ride, boy, are you missing out. It's almost the perfect game. There are enough cards and rules to keep serious board gamers thinking, but the basic gist is simple enough you can be up and playing in only a few minutes.
As with many other great board... More »