The Guild Wars 2 Charr Character Intro, Unintentional Commentary Edition

Once I finished recording the voice over character creation video for my Guild Wars 2 beta article that ran this morning, I turned off my microphone to capture the story the game generated based on the decisions I made while building my Charr thief.


Or I thought I turned off my microphone.

I stopped the clip, dropped it into Corel for processing, uploaded it, and discovered I had recorded two minutes of me amusing myself.

Not like that.

I have a tendency to talk to myself when I'm left on my own, and with Emily and the boys in Florida visiting an old person (they store them there, apparently), I was in the midst of several days of having no one to chat with. So I talked to the game. Apparently I called my character Darkwing Duck, created the Felt Legion, and started up an episode of Law and Order: Tyria in the process.

The fun part? I don't remember saying any of this. My wife tells me I talk in my sleep. I guess sometimes I sleep in my talk as well.

Mind the volume difference between the game and my inane chatter. Thank goodness for subtitles.


You Mincing Ninny

"It was the Third Age . . . the Age of Exposition Via Cheap Storyboards With a Little Bit of Flash Animation to Spice Them Up."