Resistance's Official Site is Back Online After Seven-Week Outage

Illustration for article titled emResistance/ems Official Site is Back Online After Seven-Week Outage

The official site for the Resistance series of games is back online, ending a seven-week outage and one of the strangest security breaches in a year that has seen quite enough of them.

Insomniac Games, the game's maker, tweeted that Sony Computer Entertainment "has restored all web service to and the site is now live, including game stats." The outage had included the browser-based strategy game Global Resistance

On Nov. 11, visitors to complained that site served them malware; the site was taken completely offline immediately. Shortly after the outage, SCEA reassured visitors that does not collect credit card information.


A Sony spokeswoman told Kotaku on Dec. 2 that the site itself was not hosting malware, as had been alleged, but had redirected users to another site. Whatever was there is unknown. SCEA is continuing its investigation.

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great, now they just need to fix the problem where it takes an hour to uninstall the game data.