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Resistance Finally Comes Home

Things heat up on PlayStation Home this Thursday, as the long-promised Resistance home space finally appears in a hail of turret-fire.

The ruined cityscapes of Resistance comes to life tomorrow, when it will be filled with countless lifeless avatars running about, eager to win Resistance-themed prizes via the "Four Barrels of Fury" mini-game. The game lets you take control of a turret, blasting Chimeran ships out of the sky for a position on the global leaderboards and a chance at fabulous prizes.

PlayStation Home community managers will be on-hand tomorrow to do battle with players, and the folks from Insomniac will be making an appearance next Thursday, from 5:00-6:00pm Pacific to do the same. They're also holding "Resistance 2: SRPA Siege" nights every Friday from 6:00pm-12am, giving players good reason to wander about the rubble of our once-proud planet.

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