Resistance Fan Appeals His Ban Lawsuit Getting Tossed

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Meet Erik Estavillo. He likes playing Resistance: Fall of Man so much that he's willing to sue Sony Computer Entertainment three times over (once on appeal) for having his account banned.


Estavillo first filed suit against SCEA in July, alleging the company's total ban of Estavillo from the PlayStation Network constituted theft and caused him pain and suffering. He wanted $55,000 in punitive damages and an injunction against all further banning. In September, a judge told Estavillo — who was representing himself — to pretty much take a hike and tossed out his case.

Now, GamePolitics reports that Estavillo is at it again — this time with an appeal of his tossed lawsuit and a civil suit against SCEA to the tune of $180,000. And he's still representing himself.

GamePolitics further reports:

Estavillo tells GP he is representing himself in these cases and, in light of his PSN ban, is playing the Wii (Metroid Trilogy) and Xbox 360 (Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe). Estavillo said that he loves playing as The Joker in the latter title and may be "a bit obsessed" with the character, adding, "I plan to wear a purple suit during my court trials. No joke!"

Banned Resistance Gamer Appeals Verdict [GamePolitics]


nate venture

Has anyone found out yet why this guy got banned in the first place? None of the previous article's mentioned it.

I say, unless Sony spontaneously banned him (i.e. he wasn't banned because of something he did), then he has no case. He isn't going to win even if the case does go to court, because he agreed to SCEA's TOA before making his account, and I'm sure they have this all covered.

It'll be like Willy Wonka to his poor little Charlie. One day in court; Sony will pull up a part of the TOA that sums up his actions and the consequences. They'll point out that he agreed to these terms, aaaaaaaand DONE. He was banned for his own, unexplained, actions so he should just suck it up and cut his losses. #law