A San Jose gamer banned for his behavior in playing Resistance wants $55,000 from Sony and a judge to tell their mods to stop banning people.

Erik Estavillo, in a complaint filed July 6 and reported by GamePolitics today, also alleges that Sony Computer Entertainment's comprehensive ban of him from the PlayStation Network constitutes theft, in the form of deprived access to prepaid PSN currency. The pain and suffering bit comes from Estavillo's agoraphobia, which is fear of crowds and/or open spaces - so this is, he says, his only safe way to interact with others. And, naturally, he's bitching about his First Amendment rights, too.

He wants $55,000 in punitive damages and an injunction against all further banning.

It seems Estavillo's representing himself. Yeah, couldn't have spotted that one coming, either.


In Lawsuit, Banned Resistance Player Alleges that Sony Violated Free Speech and Stole His Money [GamePolitics]