Gameplay of the cracked RE Village.

According to DSOG, after testing the newly cracked version of the game for a few hours, they can confirm that it indeed runs better and is a more enjoyable experience. In a video posted by the DSOG’s EIC, you can clearly see how smooth the game now runs with all the DRM patched out. Compare that to this video of an uncracked version of the game running on RTX 3080.


Kotaku has reached out to Capcom and Denuvo about the stuttering and the recent cracked version that appears to fix the issue in Village.

Capcom confirmed in June during E3 that it had started work on DLC for Resident Evil Village. No more details about the upcoming DLC were revealed, but hopefully, Capcom can get the PC version of Village running better before then, even if it means removing DRM from it.

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