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Resident Evil Village DLC (Sort Of) Announced At E3 2021

Resident Evil Village has DLC coming, but more on that later...

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
a screenshot of The Four Lords in Resident Evil Village
Screenshot: Capcom

Capcom gave a somewhat strange update for Resident Evil Village at E3 2021 today.

Resident Evil Village is getting DLC, but Capcom said it’s just started working on it “by popular demand” and only gave a tease saying, “More info later.”


No, really. That was it. That’s all the info we got on Resident Evil Village DLC. A game that came out a month ago already and is one of Capcom’s biggest franchises is only just now having work on the DLC started because they didn’t know people would like the game so much, I guess?

Screenshot from Capcom's E3 2021 show announcing Resident Evil Village DLC
Screenshot: Capcom

But, hey, Re:Verse—the Resident Evil online game which comes with Villaghe that Capcom promised—is coming next month. Woo.

Resident Evil Village came out on May 7 for PC, Stadia, next-gen, and last-gen consoles. The horror game continued Ethan Winters’ story, picking up after the events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. It’s the eighth installment in the Resident Evil franchise, which was noted with the heavy-handed styling of the title rather than actually naming it Resident Evil 8.

Village was a big hit even before it came out for a big reason (that’s the only one I’ll do, I promise). Once Lady Dimitrescu was revealed, fans were obsessed—and I do mean obsessed—asking to be stomped on, sat on, and everything else by the Tall Woman. But Lady Dimitrescu turned out to be just one of the characters Resident Evil Village made us fear. We were also treated to Donna Beneviento’s dollhouse of terrors, Heisenberg’s factory from hell, and The Duke who is sketchy enough on his own.

Yet, somehow, it Village was still filled with quippy banter and campy slasher movie antics to Ethan’s poor hands. It was the clear standout among this spring’s gaming lineup, which was further cemented once Sony revealed that it dominated the PlayStation charts for the month of May.


Even before Village came out, people were up for more and immediately started modding the demos, despite their limited availability windows. Naturally, there are even more chaotic mods out now—you can swap the heads of baby Rose and boulder puncher Chris Redfield, swing around a flyswatter, change up outfitter, and give Lady Dimitrescu a godforsaken Thomas the Tank Engine head. as well as tons of speculation following the game’s ending. All in all, Capcom’s E3 announcement is coming at a good time. And considering how much the Kotaku staff couldn’t stop talking about it when it came out, you can be sure we’ll be wandering the village once again.