Resident Evil Modders Have Removed The Game's Doors

If there's a new Resident Evil, there will eventually be a mod to remove (or mitigate) the series' iconic door animations. The latest update to the original game has now joined the club, thanks to a modder named Sectus, allowing people to move from room-to-room a few seconds faster.


One of the most popular Resident Evil mod tools is Fluffy Master 5000, which recently added support for REmake. The tool already allows people to tweak Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, and Resident Evil: Revelations. Importantly, it allows you to minimize the door animations:

I love the door animations. They're a relic, and I don't blame people for hating them, but slowly waiting for the next area to load is part of the original Resident Evil experience. It builds a sense of dread. Then again, I'm the one advocating for people to ditch the original tank controls in the interest of having a better experience, so maybe my love for slow doors is the nostalgia talking.


There's good reason to delete them, though. The anxiety doesn't translate to a second playthrough. If you're interested in speedrunning the game or unlocking the game's myriad secrets, the door animations are simply slowing you down. This mod minimizes their impact.

Still! How can you not love this?! This is a game that inspires door animation montages:

Whenever Capcom gets around to announcing the inevitable Resident Evil 7, you can rely on me to get to the heart of the matter with my first question: how are you handling doors in 2015?

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When you've played the game and know what to expect the whole door thing can be a lot less endearing. I wouldn't mind if there were an option to turn the door animations off baked into the game.