Resident Evil Crossover Event Coming To Division 2 In February

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Screenshot: Capcom / Ubisoft

Resident Evil cosmetic items and gear are coming to The Division 2 in February. The upcoming crossover was announced briefly today during Capcom’s Resident Evil Showcase.


The in-game event is part of a celebration of Resident Evil’s 25th Anniversary. The Division 2 cosmetic event will run from February 2 until the 15th. All players who log into the game during that time will receive a free Leon S. Kennedy police outfit, inspired by his outfit seen in Resident Evil 2.

Here’s a replay of the Showcase video announcing the crossover. The segment begins at 43:16.

  Capcom / Resident Evil (YouTube)  


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Gene Jacket

Missed opportunity to do some kind of playable mini-event rather than just outfits. I’ve wanted an open world horror game in the Snowdrop engine since the first game and there are times in Div2 where it legitimately feels like a horror game...still cool, though, and I’ll definitely be logging in.