Resident Evil 5's Mine Level

Check out never before scene footage of the Resident Evil 5 mine level, courtesy of the folks behind this weekend's Resident Evil 5 Bravo UK television special.

Richard Wilcox, the executive producer behind the Playr Resident Evil 5 special that aired this weekend on cable network Bravo in the UK, passes along this unused footage from the "Mines" level in the game. Capcom's Leo Tam takes us through a bit of the mines, showing off some of the game's more cooperative moments as Chris and Sheva make their way through a creature-infested mine, with only a single lantern to light their way.

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1. Nice creativity. Copy the mine level from RE: 4 and call it a day. Awesome.

2. Really? The lantern? REALLY? One person has to hold the light so the other can shoot? That is by far the worst co-op device I've ever seen. They couldn't duct tape a mag light to their shotguns?

3. It seemed to take a LOOOOOOONG time to kill that first not-a-zombie. Fighting with the inventory. Fighting with the controls. Fighting with the lantern. Meanwhile it just stands there, waiting for them to work it out. Occasionally it whacks them with it's Marge Simpson Hairdo Tentacle(TM).

No. No and no and no.

Go BACK! Go back to the days of old! Lose the over the shoulder tank BS. Go full FPS or go back to the stationery camera. THIS ISN'T WORKING.