Capcom's decision to release the Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition as downloadable content still stands, but there will be a boxed version as well in the form of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.

Last month Capcom asked players how they wanted the extra content in the Japanese Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition delivered to Western players, and the fan base voted overwhelmingly for a DLC release. Well, Capcom is giving them that DLC release, along with a retail version with the main game plus all of the downloadable content. What did we vote for again?

The downloadable content includes two new episodes, a selection of new outfits, and a Mercenaries Reunion mutliplayer mode, complete with 8 new playable characters. Players who'd rather not download all of that will be able to pay $49.99 to get it all on a single PlayStation 3 Blu-ray disc, or one Xbox 360 DVD with a voucher to download all of that anyway.


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