Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition Will Be DLC

Illustration for article titled Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition Will Be DLC

The awkwardly-titled, motion-controlled Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition will be released in the West as downloadable content, Capcom have announced yesterday.


The decision comes after a poll the company held, with users overwhelmingly voting in favour of picking up the game as DLC when it's released next year, rather than opting for a boxed copy.

Interestingly, instead of simply leaving it at "well, the people have spoken", Capcom's Chris Kramer has specifically urged on the company's blog for customers to hold off "thinking about selling RE5 back or handing it off to a friend" in the meantime, which makes it sound like the decision had a lot more to do with saying "fuck you, GameStop used game sales" than bowing to the will of the great unwashed.



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