How Do You Want Your RE5? Tell Capcom

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Recap: a "Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition," was announced two weeks ago at TGS. But that's a Japanese version. The North American edition is not finalized. And so Capcom is asking: Should it be digital or physical?


"Here's where we're at," says Chris Kramer:

In Japan, Alternative Edition will be released as a new physical package, with all that entails: new box art, new manual, new shiny disc, another plastic box to add to a tottering stack of console games. This makes absolutely perfect sense for the Japanese gaming market, where the uptake of digital content is a bit behind the western markets. However, based on the success of the RE5 "Versus" downloadable content, as well as digital-only titles like Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Marvel VS Capcom 2, we know that the demand for DLC in the west is huge. More and more, gamers in North America and Europe want content immediately and are less inclined to be tied to boxes and packages.

They're flat serious about putting this up to a poll on the Capcom-Unity site, although it should be said, nothing implies the final tally is binding. But if it matters to you, make your voice heard. You'll need to have a Capcom-Unity account, or register one, to make your vote count.

"We're gonna let the poll run for a few weeks, then present the team with the results and our recommendations," Kramer says, "Once we get it all sorted, we'll report back with an official announcement."

Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition: How do YOU Want the New Content? Tell Us! [Capcom-Unity]



It should be free.

If that's not an option, it should be physical. Digital media is a gigantic scam that benefits NO ONE other than the gigantic corporations. Like we need MORE jobs lost in this world, so Sony/MS/Nintendo can make MORE money.

Since digital media has proven to be MORE expensive than physical, what benefit is there? Filling up our hard drives faster? Seriously, it's a joke.