Report: Nintendo Gives Non-Answer When Asked About New Switch Model

Going to keep using this image until Nintendo reveals actual plans.
Going to keep using this image until Nintendo reveals actual plans.
Image: Nintendo

Despite years of rumors and reports indicating that upgraded Switch hardware is in the works for 2021, Nintendo continues to dance around the question of a Switch Pro. During a quarterly earnings report Q&A earlier today, company president Shuntaro Furukawa said there were no plans to announce a new Switch model anytime soon.


Nintendo had a hell of a quarter, its best since 2008, but with Microsoft and Sony releasing powerful new consoles in November, the relatively underpowered Switch is starting to show its age. This would be a great time for Nintendo to announce the upgraded version we’re all sure is in the works, but the company isn’t saying anything just yet. According to Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki, translating the financial Q&A session, Nintendo isn’t planning an announcement “anytime soon.”

What does “anytime soon” mean? Nintendo notes they’ve got the Mario Switch coming this month and one for Monster Hunter Rise in March. Then the financial year ends, a new one begins, and who knows what hardware announcements might be right around the corner. Perhaps the rumored Switch Pro, with enhanced computing power and 4K graphics. Probably that.

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I don’t see why Nintendo would release a new model any time soon. The Switch (not the lite model) is still in short supply and selling really well the way it is. Not having another model to work with makes it easier for developers to focus on a single hardware configuration as well which is nice for them. It also wouldn’t split manufacturing between multiple models which is probably a big deal based on how difficult it is for Sony and MS to get stock of their new consoles available. Super high res next gen graphics aren’t really Nintendo’s thing and few developers would be willing to give up the standard Switch install base for a game that only runs on the newer system. Based on their past handheld system upgrades like the DSi I wouldn’t expect any newer Switch to be a massive upgrade until a true next gen model.

What they need to do is redesign the joycon analog stick to be way more durable.