New Nintendo Switch Is In Mario Colors And Looks Fantastic

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Yeah, the Switch originally launched in red + blue, but this new colour scheme for the console is even more red + blue.

Image: Nintendo

Announced earlier today and out next month, and part of Nintendo’s 35th birthday celebrations for Super Mario Bros., the Switch itself and both Joy-Cons are red, while accessories have a blue trim. Throw in the black buttons and gold zips on the carry case (which is included) and this is about as Mario-coloured a console as you can get.


Or is it! It looks very Mario all laid out as a bundle like that, but since both the Joy-Cons and Switch are red, as well as the dock, for a lot of the time you’ll just be playing a red Switch, which is not that Mario, but still looks great.

This bundle is out on February 12 for $300.

Image: Nintendo

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Very nice color scheme, but I feel like the deeper red from the Mario Odyssey joycons would have been better. I love these things.