Report: Nintendo Asking Studios To Make Switch Games "4K-Ready"

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Tucked away in a Bloomberg story about Nintendo ramping up manufacturing of the Switch in the lead-up to the holiday season is yet another mention of an upgraded version of the console, one that will allow for 4K visuals.


The last we heard about this was only last month, but this new report goes a little further, saying that in addition to the upgraded console being planned for a 2021 release, “Nintendo has asked [several outside game developers] to make their games 4K-ready, suggesting a resolution upgrade is on its way.”

There’s nothing new about any of this, of course, but it does push the timeline along, and also conveniently gets the company’s name on everyone’s lips just as we were spending the week talking about competitors’ next-gen consoles.

The exact wording used is interesting, though. While you’d expect new games for a new Switch to launch with 4K visuals, asking studios to “make their games 4K-ready” suggests some older titles—The Witcher 3 comes to mind—might be able to be upgraded as well.

And if third-party studios are being asked this, then it’s time to start thinking about Nintendo’s own games as well. It’ll be nice to get to play Breath of the Wild in 4K in a way that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk!

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Nice for everyone that needs this but I will stick to 1080p as long as my tv holds it together. Also this may sound sceptical but the Nintendo crowd is not really in it for the grafx. I mean they held out with the Wii when everyone else was slowly approaching full-hd. Don't think it will get used much