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First there was Frank, then there was Chuck. Now, in the next Dead Rising, there's Rick, a mechanic holding out against the zombie apocalypse in Los Perdidos. That is according to an unnamed source speaking today to Siliconera.


The info follows Capcom's vaguest of teases, on the game's official Facebook page, suggesting that series protagonist Frank West is "getting packing for my new adventure." Siliconera says that will be set in "Los Perdidos, California," where a bomb is set to destroy the town, overrun by the zombie outbreak. "Rick," a mechanic, is trying to restore a plane and escape before everything goes boom.

Siliconera's sources add that "Dead Rising 3 has an undercurrent of themes about illegal immigration," including a character named Red who "leads an underground group of 'illegals,' which are infected people that aren't registered by the government."


Many more details, plus a piece of concept art at the link. (The pic above is from Dead Rising: Case Zero) None of that is official, of course.

Dead Rising 3 Is Set In California And The Protagonist Is An Auto Mechanic [Siliconera]

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