Report Mentions Nintendo's New Hardware, Miyamoto's New Game

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From website comes the news that Nintendo is developing new hardware, and Shigeru Miyamoto is working on a new Wii Motion Plus game.

The news is from a recent symposium in which Miyamoto discussed things like hamsters. 4Gamer does not quote him directly, but does state that Miyamoto revealed he is working on a game that uses Wii Motion Plus. This game is not the upcoming Legend of Zelda title.

At the 2008 E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles, Miyamoto announced that Nintendo was making a new Pikmin game.


What's more, 4Gamer reports that if Nintendo is working on new hardware that will be announced officially at a later date.

Here is a translation of the 4Gamer piece:

Regarding the next title everyone is interested in, there were some vague comments [from Miyamoto] that said the full body experience of Motion Plus will be used in Wii Legend of Zelda and another title. Since they are developing new hardware again, it seems like they would like to wait as an official announcement could be made shortly/later on.


The lack of direct quotes regarding both these issues are somewhat disconcerting with the recent he-said-she-said about things a Nintendo exec may or may not have said. 4Gamer did note that Miyamoto's remarks were "vague". The 4Gamer remarks are also vague, and what's more, peppered with speculation.


When contacted about Miyamoto's remarks, Nintendo of America replied, "Our development teams are always working on new possibilities for future hardware and software, but we have nothing to announce at this time."

Likewise, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata stated in a recent investors meeting, "Naturally, we are always developing new hardware."


Of course, Nintendo is working on new hardware and new games. The same is true for Sony and Microsoft. But is Nintendo announcing any of that new hardware in the new future? Nintendo does have a press conference later this month. - 任天堂,宮本 茂氏が語った「ゲーム機を介したコミュニケーションの活性化」。新ハードを開発中との発言も出た,第13回文化庁メディア芸術祭「功労賞受賞者シンポジウム」レポート(New スーパーマリオブラザーズ Wii) [4Gamer]

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I remember, back in the day, when Nintendo would tease some big announcement, I used to actually care. I'd speculate. I'd get excited. Nowadays, I just find myself wondering how badly they're going to screw up something I used to love.

God, I've become such a cynic as I've gotten older...