Miyamoto: "We're Making Pikmin"

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At tonight's E3 2008 Nintendo Developer Roundtable, Shigeru Miyamoto quickly and casually confirmed that a new Pikmin title is under development. His words? "We're making Pikmin." The long version of that answer, when asked if the team was planning on revisiting that particular franchise was far more verbose.


"We continue investigating all types of games," Miyamoto responded. "When it's time to announce such a title, I'll announce it." Then he did. "We're making Pikmin."

Again, that's "We're making Pikmin."


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Ghar:No, I came to terms that with your huge list of issues, I needed more ammo, so I contacted my little brother who plays pro. (I only play for fun) and here's his rebuttal.

Little brother-"Combos were a glitch... but it was a very good glitch, it became a staple in fighters all around.. wave dashing? that's a glitch of an in house physics engine that adds a different way of moving...in smash. a physics based fighting game... I dun see why anyone would have kept it.. l-cancelling? that wasn't a glitch.. yes, it was a feature

and it wasn't exactly taken out, but fleshed out into a balanced feature.

Only certain aerials are automatically 'l-cancelled' for you Only the aerials that wouldn't allow for infinites, and most often aerials that allow one to, yes, combo..

comboes exist..playing the game like it's melee is like playing street fighter 3 like it's 2 you'll get yer ass kicked.

Sweet spotting ledges from both front and behind makes aerial battles alot easier on both ends...it's a battle no matter where you are in the entire area... just cause you can grab the ledge from both behind and in front of you means that your opponent can just walk off teh stage and grab with his back....improved aerial fighting means the opponent can also just jump out after you with all of his

fury and make it harder for you to grab the ledge anyways... it doesnt make it easier to get back..it doesnt dumb it down..it doesnt 'remove the skill' it expands it..

Being defensive does not = god tier...has this person ever heard of grabbing? jabbing and grabbing?...speed of the game being slowed down doesnt mean comboes were removed... I dun see the correlation..

Tripping can't be explained by any one sentence... it discourages dash dancing..but it also makes it so that you're forced to fight in the air more..Sakurai emphasized aerial fighting would be the main focus of this smash game...i guess tripping was his way of hammering it home... though, to some..it was a bit too hard of a hammering.

Luck? hardly... if anyhting, it keeps ye on yer toes...and further pushes you from playing the game like it's melee where you'd run around, wavedash backwards, and land a perefct amrth tipper, or up smash, etc. flawlessly at all times

perfect marth*..anything*

I could write a book about how bad this guy must be at the game... or atleast at understanding that it isnt melee. that's like the hordes of smash palyers bitching about how melee was too fast compared to 64"

Me-"So pretty much my first impression was correct, this guy spent 4-5 years mastering Melee and everything within it, but Brawl's like driving a fucking jet fighter, not a busted truck and he can't adjust."

Little brother-"exactly..."

"thing is everything i said will go through someone like him all i'd honestly say to him, tho is that nobody's forcing him to play a game that isnt melee he can just..stick with melee liek those that stuck with sf2 instead of sf3"

So Ghar, there you go.