Report: In-Game XMB for PS3 is OTW

Gaming Age yesterday posted a report that in-game Xross Media Bar support will in fact be a part of the Playstation 3 Firmware Update 2.40, which will release "sometime in June."

Reader hukeedonfonics also tipped us to the above video, which shows in-game XMB over the BioShock title screen. Comments claim a BioShock developer leaked it.


Gaming Age writes that requested features like a universal friends list, and in-game messaging will be a part of the drop, in addition to "a few rather nice surprises (*cough*soundtracks*cough*)" (their words, not mine.)

So, spread the word, and we'll hopefully have more on this as it develops.

PS3 In-Game XMB is Coming[Gaming Age, via NeoGAF, thanks hukeedonfonics]



@decodergrizzly: Hmm i dunno it's pretty easy to "fake" just run a vid of the start of bioshock (just grab a divx one of the net and stick it on there) and press the ps button and there ya go...

Anyway great news....