Microsoft may have had some of its Kinect-heavy E3 2011 showing spoiled a bit early by a Eurogamer report, which pegs "at least 10 non-sequel Kinect games" for the show, including some aimed squarely at the "hardcore" Xbox 360 crowd.

Eurogamer's unnamed sources point to reveals of Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2, a pair of Kinect non-surprises that we've already heard about in some form.

In addition to a handful of sequels, less obvious Kinect experiences appear inbound, including a new title from Rare and perhaps that "original 'core' shooter" from Microsoft's new Kinect-focused studio.


Eurogamer also points to a new open world driving game, Forza World, a title that was recently hinted at in a marketing survey forwarded to Kotaku. We're just a few weeks away from all these reveals, so make sure you're well stretched for the impending Kinect for Xbox 360 flood.


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