Kinect Getting Its Own Original 'Core' Shooter Thanks to New Microsoft Studio

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Xbox 360 owners looking to use their Kinect controller to do some hands-free killing may want to pay attention to what young Microsoft Game Studios Vancouver is currently working on—a new "core AAA shooter experience using Kinect."

That's the description of MGS Vancouver's new game from one of its senior artists who says the developer, also known as Zipline Studios, as spotted by a NeoGAF forum member.

Artist Shawn Woods writes on his personal site that the year-old was originally focused on creating "social microtransaction games" but "our studio strategy has changed and now focuses on developing a core AAA shooter experience using Kinect."


Microsoft Game Studios Vancouver says on its site that it is "dedicated to making games for 'core' gamers" with a mission "to push the limits of proven and unexplored game development and show the world what's possible on Microsoft's game consoles."

According to some currently active job listings for the Vancouver-based team, the studios is "focused on bringing high quality, highly experimental gameplay to Xbox 360 and Kinect." That same listing describes its project as "an original IP that uses Kinect in new and unique ways." So, probably not that Gears of War Kinect experience we'd heard about, despite the above mock-up image.

MGS Vancouver also says it's working on "Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Kinect, and future gaming platforms."

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Who actually "cares" about Kinect? be honest people.

Impressive tech, but very poor application so far.