Report: Activision Tried To Dig Up Dirt On Ex-Call of Duty Developers

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The ugly court battle between Activision and its former employees has gotten even uglier.


According to documents obtained by The Los Angeles Times and released today, Activision hired a man named Thomas Fenady to "dig up dirt" on Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vince Zampella so the company could build up a case to fire them. The newspaper reports that Fenady was asked to hack into West and Zampella's voicemail, e-mail, and computers in an operation code-named "Project Icebreaker."

Sounds like a spy movie, doesn't it? As the Times writes:

Fenady testified that he expressed concern about the project but was told, "Don't worry about the repercussions." Fenady found an outside company, InGuardians, who also balked at the task because of "legal hurdles." Stymied, Fenady approached the company's Facilities Department and talked about staging a "fake fumigation" and a "mock fire drill" in order to get West and Zampella away from their computers long enough to copy files on their computers.

Ultimately, Activision did none of those things. Activision declined to comment on the documents, as did attorneys for the developers.

According to the Times' Ben Fritz, Activision's request to delay the court trial was denied and it will proceed on May 29.


Check out the Times' piece for the original documents.

Key documents unsealed in Activision Call of Duty trial [LA Times]

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NarutoGameKing Has Replied to you! Lucky bastard....

Vince and Zampella were being greedy. Wanting control over the Modern Warfare IP and having talks with other publishers....who wouldn't check up on their employees work emails and computers? They do own them after all.

Seeing as how Vince and Zampellas PR team is spreading this to media sites, it tells you who is the guilty one here.

If your clients were really innocent, you wouldn't go out on damage control and try and damage Activision's image. You don't see Activision taking cheap shots at everyone else do you? No, because they don't have any reason to.

Can't wait for this trial to be over with.