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Activision Pays Ex-Call of Duty Developers $42 Million

Illustration for article titled Activision Pays Ex-emCall of Duty/em Developers $42 Million

The ongoing legal feud between publishers Activision and former employees Jason West and Vince Zampella, the creators of the Call of Duty franchise, took an interesting turn today when Activision coughed up over $40 million.


Note that this is not part of any settlement; according to Polygon, it's the result of Activision doing a little homework on the case before it actually goes to trial, and deciding that instead of taking a whole bunch of former Infinity Ward employees to court, they'd be focusing their legal crosshairs on just West and Zampella.

Becaue of this, the $42 million paid by Activision constituted bonus payments owed to other former IW staffers, now at the pair's new studio Respawn, payments which had previously been withheld.


Activision pays $42m to former Infinity Ward devs, not a settlement [Polygon]

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