Report: 60% Of Britain's Xbox 360s Have Died

Following in the wake of Game Informer's armchair survey earlier in the year - which found that 54.2% of American Xbox 360s had broken down - CNET have done a similar study for the British market. With similar results.


1,128 gamers were polled (note: it was a self-selected survey, not a blind study), with 562 owning an Xbox 360, 473 having a PS3 and 591 a Wii. Obviously, some respondents owned more than one console.

The results found that a crushing 60% of 360s had died, while only 16% of PS3s and 6% of Wiis had suffered the same fate. Even worse was the rate of repeat failre: of those who have reported a busted console, 32% say it's happened more than once, with 19% saying it's broken three times or more.

Count me in the latter camp; I've had two red-ringed consoles, and recently got back from my honeymoon to find my third 360's power brick had simply ceased to function, despite the console not being turned on.

Being a self-selected survey, it's likely the actual numbers across the board would be lower, but still; a little less than awful is still awful.


CNET UK's games console reliability survey: 60 per cent of Xbox 360s have broken [CNET]

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