Report: Xbox 360 Failure Rate Over 50 Percent

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It's that time again! Time to talk about Xbox 360 failure rates — you know, the Red Ring of Death and all that jazz.

In a survey of the print edition of Game Informer, nearly 5,000 readers were surveyed about the consoles. Here's how console failure broke down:

¥ Xbox 360 has a 54.2 percent failure rate
¥ PS3 has a 10.6 percent failure rate
¥ Wii has a 6.8 percent failure rate


But think about it this way: 45.8 percent of Xbox 360s are JUST FINE. The rest? Totally screwed! Worse yet for Microsoft is that only 37.7 percent found Xbox customer service helpful — compared to Sony's 51.1 percent customer service satisfaction and Nintendo's 56.1 percent.

Yet, only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners say that they would never buy another Xbox 360 because of hardware failure. Masochists!

EPIC FAIL (print edition only) [Game Informer via The Consumerist via VG247 Thanks Mugenkits!]

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I have like 8 friends that have xbox 360, out of those only one has not had a red ring failure.