Report: 360 More Reliable, Repairs Less Frequent

According to data released by third-party warranty providers SquareTrade, since the mid-point of 2008 the Xbox 360's reliability has improved out of sight.

Now, before we go any further, know this: we have our doubts when it comes to SquareTrade. A third-party warranty provider? Who nobody had ever heard of until they released some selective statistics? This isn't exactly hard science.


Then again, when Microsoft (or major retailers, for that matter) refuse to disclose official figures on the subject, outlets like SquareTrade are all we've got. So take these figures with a grain of salt and jump on in.

Interestingly, to go with the 360 figures, SquareTrade also said that while 23.7% of their 360-owning customer base reported a system failure, only 10% of PS3 users and a miniscule 2.7% of Wii users had any problems.


Xbox 360 'Red Ring of Death' Abating? [IndustryGamers]

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