Remote Control Halo Warhog, Mongoose and Hornets Incoming

Remote Control versions of the M12 Warthog, M274 Mongoose and AV-14 Hornet all go on sale in later this month as Halo 3: ODST hits shelves.

RC toy manufacturer NKOK tells us that the new line of Halo remote control toys will be on sale at Toys R Us, GameStop, Walmart Canada, Blockbusters and specialty retailers.


The Warhog comes with a Master Chief and Blue Spartan. The rear-mounted M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun turret is fully moveable and has a place to position one of the figurines. With a top speed of approx. 7 MPH, the Warthog is the fastest R/C vehicle in the Halo collection. It receives signals at 27 MHz and is powered by six AA batteries; four for the Warthog itself, and two for the controller. The Warthog is now available for $24.99

The M274 Mongoose comes with a Master Chief figurine. The ATV's top speed is about 6 MPH and it receives its signals 49 MHz. The Mongoose takes six batteries; four for the Mongoose itself and two for the remote control. It will be available in late September, in time for the release of Halo 3: ODST, for 24.99.


The AV-14 Attack VTOL Hornet is an indoor flying helicopter, lifted by a pair of gyroscopic propellers. It features stability and precision speed control. Operated by a Tri-band infrared control selector, the Hornet can be switched from A to B to C bands to fly with two other Hornets simultaneously. The remote control is powered by six AA batteries and the Hornet itself runs on a rechargeable Li-Poly battery. Available with the Mongoose in late September, the Hornet will be $34.99.

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