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Just a few hours after two Alan Wake creators join us on Kotaku Talk Radio we'll begin our bookclub style discussion of the game. One chapter per session, starting tomorrow at 3pm KT (2pm PT, 5pm ET).


We showed you the Alan Wake Game Club schedule yesterday, and Crecente and I will remind you of it with each installment. Each of these posts will launch at the same time each day, running most weekdays until we are done with the game. Each discussion will occur in the comments section of the day's Game Club post and will stick to the chapter at hand. If you go ahead and ruin things, expect consequences.

Our previous Game Club for Modern Warfare 2 was a rollicking success. And that game wasn't even big on story. I have high hopes for our Alan Wake Game Club and will be here at 3pm Kotaku Time on Wednesday to chat about the game's first chapter with you. I'm looking forward to it!

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