Kotaku Game Club: Modern Warfare 2 Discussion Concludes.. NOW (Levels 16-18)

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If you followed the rules, you just finished the Modern Warfare 2 campaign this weekend and are here to discuss it in our Game Club finale. Thoughts on the ending? Thoughts on the next game for Game Club?

We're discussing the last three levels of Modern Warfare 2 today.

-The Enemy Of My Enemy (Planes!)
-Just Like Old Times (Caves!)
-Endgame (Rafts!)

I had heard people complain that the game ended abruptly. They felt it pulled a Halo 2 and all but required a sequel to provide a satisfying narrative conclusion.


Talk about what you thought of these final levels, but can we also dollop some praise upon The Enemy of My Enemy?

Not since one of the final levels of Resident Evil 4 have I played a section of a game that removed my character from being the center of attention and asked me to still have fun. Games so often position our character as the most important person in the scene. In Modern Warfare 2's The Enemy level, it felt fresh to be less important, as the Americans and Russians went at it. Rarely does the world of a video game not revolve around the player — how did you feel not being the focal point of The Enemy of My Enemy?

And what's the big picture take on this campaign? What were you looking for from it and what did you get out of it?

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated in this revival of the Kotaku Game Club. I was happy with how we were able to discuss a shared experience bit by bit, though I'm still not sure how we'd handle this for a game with a less universally-experienced progression like, say, Dragon Age. Feel free to offer feedback on what we should do for Game Club next.

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Did anyone else feel a little uneasy killing the US soldiers? Idk, maybe it's just me, but killing guys who are only following the orders of a GENERAL left a bad taste in my mouth, and made me hate the game even more. Then again, it does put an interesting twist on perspective on previous war games you've played. How many soldiers have you killed, such as Nazis, that really were forced into their position and happen to be on the wrong side at the wrong time? Idk, maybe I'm just looking too deep into it, and I'm sure the devs weren't intending to have that impression either. But as an American gamer I didn't really want to play this game to kill American soldiers caught up in some insane general's plan to change the world. Any military guys out there feel anything about these levels when it came to taking down Sheperd's forces? By the way, I happily took down that fool and was severely pissed after he knifed Soap, thinking I was gonna die before stopping him.