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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Game Club: Alan Wake

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Attention to those of you planning to play Alan Wake. Read this first, so that you can play — and discuss — the game with the rest of Kotaku.

I am delighted to announce that after the tremendous success of the Game Club's look at and discussion of Modern Warfare 2, we're bringing it back to discuss Alan Wake.


Over the course of the coming weeks we will be hosting a community discussion about a game that I believe could be one of the best of the year. As I've said before, my hope is that the Game Club will get me, you and all gamers who participate to look beyond the graphics, the gameplay, the routine and perhaps think about games the way people think about a good book or a good movie.


As always, an important element of Game Club is that we all play through the game together and have a shared experience. Fortunately, Alan Wake is broken up into easy to digest episodes.

So here's the plan:

-Wednesday, May 19: Alan Wake developers Remedy join us for our podcast to help kick start the game discussion.

-Wednesday, May 19: The Kotaku Game Club for Alan Wake kicks off, with a post that will start a discussion about the game's first episode. That episode and nothing else. So please try not to play past that, as hard as that will be. Totilo will start the conversation and then we will hang out in the comments for a chunk of the day so we can chat about the first episode. We will post a reminder on Tuesday.

-Thursday, May 20: The Game Club continues, with another post kicking off a discussion of the game's second episode.


-We will pick back up on Monday, May 24 with the third episode, hitting a new episode each day of the week and meeting back on the site to discuss it.

The Game Club will be for people who want to discuss and debate shared experiences, who want to appreciate and examine a game in a close way, who want to think — and who can resist the urge to play ahead!


Join us on Wednesday. And stay tuned for a potential special last day of Game Club guest announcement in the coming week or so.