Hey there Club Nintendo of America members, your status is about to reset! On June 30th, to be specific. If you want to reap the benefits (free stuff!) of elite status in Nintendo of America's customer rewards program, pay attention.

You have until next Tuesday to rack up the required "coins" to ensure you're of Gold or Platinum membership caliber. Doing so will net you some cool, undisclosed Nintendo related thing that you can possess, look at, and have others covet. Those coins can be acquired by registering Nintendo games and answering surveys, a small price to pay for material ownership of some thing—which could very well be a cool thing.

Accumulated coins will still be available to spend on Nintendo-themed tchotchkes, but your status will be reset next week. Don't be left in the cold! Join me in being PLATINUM.

And thanks to everyone who reminded us to remind you.

Club Nintendo