We’re two days away from the annual Big Football Game, where the Panthers and Broncos will face one another in a match that would be extremely lopsided if they were actual animals (and may be just as lopsided regardless).

If you’re an NFL fan, you already know all the storylines: Peyton’s last rodeo; Cam’s ascendance; the fact that people still don’t believe in the Panthers even though they’ve dominated teams all year. Here’s another fun one: Will Madden predict the exact score?


Last year, Madden 15 guessed that the Patriots would beat the Seahawks, 28-24. Thanks to a questionable last-minute decision that remains inconceivable to this day—the Seahawks passing at the goal line instead of handing it off to the unstoppable Marshawn Lynch—that’s exactly what happened. (The League’s take on this was perfect.)

Will EA’s football game pull it off again? In this year’s Super Bowl simulation, Madden says the Panthers will beat the Broncos 24-20. I envision something more like 38-10, but it’d be fun to see Madden nail their prediction yet again.

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