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Reloading Everyday Stuff Like Video Game Weapons Is Immensely Satisfying

Anybody who says they haven't done at home this is a liar

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Kommander Karl

Whether it’s Call of Duty or Battlefield, one of the low-key nicest parts of a shooter can be just watching (and listening to the KAH-CHUNK sounds of) the player reloading various weapons. This video by Kommander Karl is a compilation of exactly that kind of action, only it’s a man reloading toasters, smoke alarms and lamps as though they were video game weapons.

I’m not gonna lie, I do this all the time with my Dyson. And the battery pack on my power drill. And my blender. And...look, this video didn’t get this idea out of thin air, OK. It just executes the idea about as perfectly as it could be done.

The video above is a compilation, but you can see a lot more of these—like reloads for a water bottle a nutcracker—at Kommander Karl’s TikTok channel.


Genshin Impact Condoms Are Real And Fans Want Them

Ever since Genshin Impact’s developers legally sanctioned the commercial production of fan merchandise, I’ve been seeing all sorts of unusual Genshin products pop up on the internet. I thought I’d seen it all after the Zhongli titty mousepad. I had not. I nearly burst a gut laughing when a friend linked me to these Zhongli condoms, unofficially designed and produced by the fan artist Jiji. What a concept.


Hilarious Halo Infinite Glitch Turns Warthogs Into Go-Karts

Despite its trappings as a jingoistic space opera, the Halo franchise often finds itself straddling the line between serious and humorous. The latest example of this phenomenon is a glitch that sees the series’ ubiquitous Warthog jeeps shrunk down to comical proportions during multiplayer matches.

The ‘Dick And Balls’ GameCube Controller Is NSFW

Ludwig, formerly of Twitch and now of YouTube Gaming, won a small Among Us tournament a while back, and as his prize was offered the chance to receive a one-of-a-kind, hand-made GameCube controller. It could be anything he wanted. Anything his heart desired. It could have been Among Us-themed, to commemorate his victory. It could have been based on Smash. It could have been covered in F-Zero livery. The possibilities were endless.


Instead, he ‘Dick and Balls’.