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Hilarious Halo Infinite Glitch Turns Warthogs Into Go-Karts

Tiny military vehicles are infesting Halo Infinite multiplayer and it rules

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: 343 Industries / Kobold Rogue / Kotaku

Despite its trappings as a jingoistic space opera, the Halo franchise often finds itself straddling the line between serious and humorous. The latest example of this phenomenon is a glitch that sees the series’ ubiquitous Warthog jeeps shrunk down to comical proportions during multiplayer matches.

These tiny Warthogs, or “Hoglets” as those in the Halo community have affectionately dubbed them, appear to spawn at random.

343 Industries / TwoManArmy (YouTube)

Going by the dates on these videos, this glitch has existed in Halo Infinite for months, with some appearances coming as recently as yesterday.

343 Industries / Kobold Rogue (YouTube)

And it’s not confined to the one vehicle type, either: footage also exists of the Mongoose, a two-seat, ATV-type transport, getting the same treatment.

343 Industries / The Duke of Djent (YouTube)

Rather than being upset, however, fans are mostly enamored with the glitch, with some even petitioning 343 Industries to keep the hilariously tiny vehicles in the game.


“Hoglets should be in [the Fiesta playlist],” wrote one user on r/LowSodiumHalo, a subreddit devoted to more lighthearted Halo conversation than we’ve seen elsewhere. “Small versions of all vehicles! But it’s random.”

“It would be excellent for Forge,” added another. “Rainbow Road rockets or something. Could do loads of things.”


“I say little everything,” suggested a third. “Little Ghosts, little Wraiths, little Scorpions, little Banshees. And our life-sized Spartans just dangling outside. Then call it ‘Micro Machines.’”

343 Industries / Legendary Anubis (YouTube)

Looking over the above footage, I can’t help but agree. Halo multiplayer mode has always been a fun, silly diversion from the series’ overly militaristic single-player campaigns. Why not implement go-karts, at least in a separate mode meant specifically for their use?


343 Industries, I know you have a lot on your plate, what with the full game being released today and all, but do the right thing and make these tiny vehicles official.