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Reflecting On Multiplayer In Halo: Reach

Ah, Team Slayer. Halo: Reach packs new multiplayer modes like Stockpile and Invasion, but in the beta, even those typically devolved into Slayer-esque battles of headshot-and-revenge. Here's five minutes of Slayer on "Reflection," inspired by "Ivory Tower" from Halo 2.


At 2:43, watch him wait for Jimmy to come out of Armor Lock before patiently capping his ass. Nicely done.

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I like how they tell you what part of the map you're on (next to the radar). I am worried that most of the maps are going to be Slayer oriented. Big Team Battle is where the fun is, of course the younger Halo players are those MLG wannabes trying to show off their elite skills and get their General ranking. The developer wants to cater to the demographic, but I think that's where Halo losses me a little. What happened to Combat Evolved?