Reebok Giving Away the Madden AFL Pack for PS3

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Madden's AFL Legacy Pack became available for download this past week, and official league apparelista Reebok is giving away the PS3 version for entering their sweepstakes. Just drop in your name and email and the code's yours.


It really is that simple. Well, it assumes you have both the PS3 version and a PSN account, but yeah, you probably do. So quit watching Jimmy, Terry and Howie laughing gratuitously at Frank Caliendo and go pick up some free football. And Xbox 360 owners, tough luck, but you can watch this sweet video below. It's free too.

AFL - Reebok [ via Joystiq]



I hope the same bullshit that happened with LBP doesn't happen this time around. I used Opera, Firefox AND IE. I got 3 different codes and none of them worked.